Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catching up on Maggie!!!

It's been a long long time since we have reported the latest antics of our ever growing but still gangly puppy!!!

Her next attempt at being groomed went off without a hitch as she settled into three hours of beautifying, clipping, trimming, shampooing, rinsing, blow drying, snipping, primping and being returned to us smelling all pretty!!! ...... next stop the catwalk!!!! (I didn't just say that did I? :) )

Her highness now in truest regal form, sat with head held high as the adoring masses turned to pay her homage on the trip home. Everyone smiled at her elegance, sitting there so proudly, gazing back at them, holding that pose and all the while wondering when her subjects would feed her only the meatiest of treats!!!

Arriving home the door held open for her, her regalness stepped softly to the driveway and with familiar scents abounding, scrambled past her adoring fans and made off for the woods as fast as her muscular frame would allow!!! Funny how the shouts of "MAGGIE" had lost some of that magical, honoring tone and I'm sure if there had been a crown, it would have been dragging in the dust as she disappeared!!!

The fragrance of our scrubbed puppy actually lasted a good long while until as puppies do, one day while out on a walk, there on the path was a pile of, only the Lord knows what, and immediately she rolled in it to the anguished vocalizations of us shouting, "Oh Maggie!!!" :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The groomers oh, THE DAY SPA!!!

Those nails of hers are getting to be more like talons, her coat is shedding by the truckload and her smell is becoming more and more unbecoming!!! So it's off to the groomers to at least have her nails clipped. Maggie, of course has no concept what is about to transpire and views this as any other experience in life that being here with new people who are showing her attention is totally all right and being up on a table is just out of this world but why are you holding my paws and trying to bite off the tips of my claws with that thing in your hand??? What kind of game is this anyway??? Now you're distracting me from looking over at this paw and you're acting rather silly if you ask me, trying to get me to look over here. Just let go of me and I'll play with you all day!!! Um, I'm not sure I like being held this way, perhaps if I could move a little this way, no maybe that way, hey that tickles! Okay, I really am ready to play now and you keep holding me. What does that mean when you say one done and nineteen to go??? And I like licking you in the face, what do you mean you can't work when my face is in the way? That tool you're using doesn't taste very good, maybe if I chew on it a bit and slather it up it will be better! I smell treats; can I get off the table and have some? The tone in your voice is changing, you seem a little stressed. You know. I don't think I like this game and saying two done means nothing to me when you keep holding on to my one paw!!! They're my paws you know and I think I've had about enough of this playtime!!! Okay it's about time to call for Sheila, she'll come and get me out of here!!! Alright, that worked, I'm free!!!!

I don't have any idea why they are saying to put away Sheila's money and that we'll have to try again when I'm a little older, all I know is that I'm free and now they're giving me treats!!! This place isn't that bad after all!!! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Television anyone???

As I've mentioned before, Maggie loves to watch the birds and the squirrels in the yard to the point where the call of the wild asserts dominance over her will. The trip to the patio door is short, the audible "ruff" is call to her servants to attend the door, allowing her to race and chase the departing hordes at feeders and forest edged floor!!! The game never gets tiring, her puzzlement lasts as to why they won't play with her and the cycle continues.

Indoor TV has its moments as a nature show demands her fullest attention with nose pressed firmly against the glass and her curiosity propels her around both back and sides to get a better look at why these animals aren't accessible! Africa's biggest cats are her favorite; their size and ferocity doesn't come into play as the TV screen is strong enough to contain these wild things :)

Now, wonder of wonders, we have another TV worth watching!!! We have had an aquarium for years and years with a multitude of fish but in recent months, since Maggie's arrival, there have been only three fish in the tank. For whatever reason, Maggie hasn't given them the time of day as her world revolves about heading out the door to pursue other interests with all the urgency her perceptions generate.

Our three fish are a plecostomus (algae eater) and two red tailed sharks. All of them like to hide in their perceived places of dominance so motion or activity is kept to a minimum and thus Maggie's disinterest! ( I think I've just answered my own question!) :) Well, all that's changed so the latest activities for Maggie center around how to get their attention, will they play with her, repositioning herself to get a better vantage, paws up on the table so that they can see her and express their delight at having a monster looming over them, cat like, ready to pounce!!! She's nipped at the glass in an attempt to get at them and this morning has emitted that long low guttural growl that for me is reminiscant of the elephants on the Serengeti. If I come home from work one day and find elephants in our yard, I will be so totally impressed :) :) :)

Oh our Maggie!!!

She is totally A.D.D. or she's A.D.H.D. or this is what you get with a golden retriever as a puppy!!!! She goes for a walk and is distracted by absolutely everthything!!! Nothing but nothing escapes her attention in every direction. Can you imagine the energy that's expended as her head turns constantly, surveying the universe!!! You can almost hear her saying, "Wait a minute, what's that? Can we go over there? Hey, isn't that the fox sparrow from our backyard? What was that? Hey, you missed the trail, why aren't we going in that direction; no, I want to see what that is!!! OHhh, did you smell that, we have to go back! Why are we runnning so far in one direction? A squirrel, a squirrel, you know I chase them and I know they want to play with me! A stick, a stick, oh it was a good stick; can we get it when we get back? Have we gone far enough that I can go off the leash now? I will come when you call, honest I will......last time, what do you mean last time, I live in the present; you know that!!! Treats, I smell treats, come on, I'm ready, oh please, TREATS!!! That one was small, how many more do you have??? You can't fool me, I can still smell the crumb in the bottom of the bag! Can we do this again?

Ah look at her there on the floor, she's all played out. Are you tired Maggie, are you ready to sleep for a while, you look so tired, you can't keep your eyes open..............oh no, who's in the kitchen; look out here she comes!!!!! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oakley departs, the snow stays, the feeders are full and so it goes...

Our time with Oakley has passed as his family has returned from a wonderful time in Hawaii and no doubt a sense of peaceful relief has befallen him as the tormentor, our Maggie is no longer a part of his day, night and hopefully not a part of his nightmares!!! I'm sure Maggie wonders where he went but being easily distracted by anything that moves, crawls, flies or changes hew depending on the lighting, outside or in, has moved on to the next chapter of her now nine month old life.

The birds at the feeders continue to hold her attention from inside the house until she figures they're having way too much fun and clearly are asking her to come join in. Any vocalization at the patio door calling forth her servants to see her out, the door opened , a brief sniff and then the loping through the snow to the back fence where the feeding species are taken to flight, leaves Maggie wondering why they always fly away at her approach. Can't they see I'm friendly, that my tail is wagging and that secretly, I'm a bird too??? I know they congregate in trees, haven't they seen me in my tree; surely they can relate!!!

Now the snow transforms her world totally and makes old games new again as the running in the yard is now a romping; wet grasses are replaced with soft mounds of pristine whiteness, the damp coolness now has a cold embrace that challenges her coat of winter fur. Maggie takes it all in stride :) and obviously is in her element as the hours pass with her totally being occupied in the yard and then she returns to the warmth of the house with snow encrusted paws tapping on the tile floor, her muzzle still covered in snow, attesting to the scent of interest leeching its way up through the snow and a nose, a degree away from freezing that always finds bare skin to touch; her way os saying, "Did you miss me?"

There is a new game that's played as she forages through the yard, now two feet higher thanks to the persistent dumping of snow. Things that formerly held no special interest have a different vantage and suddenly what was perceived as possible has become attainable. Our patio table, clearly marking the depth of snowfall is now ready to be exploited as a resting place for her nibs. We're still perplexed as to the advantage of her being there other than to express the ages old game of, "I'm the queen of the castle, you're the dirty rascal" !!! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It is getting to be a lot like Christmas!!!!

…….. walkin’ in a winter wonderland. There is snow galore throughout the lower mainland, cold winds sometimes blustering into a gale and thoroughly frozen lakes, rivers and ponds are now in place to accommodate the antics of children of all ages and dogs that figure frozen water is at least as much fun as the liquid type!!! The snow hitting the lower mainland crimps everyone and everybody as most of us have all season radials on our cars, not winter tires. So with the desperate and the insane now out there, driving their cars in bumper car fashion, the rest of us attach huge tires to the sides of our cars (LOL) or go into hibernation awaiting the return of the depressing rains in order to re- establish the proper level of safe driving for us all.

We have a new house guest of the four legged variety, a Lhasa Apso named Oakley who has come to us via Alana’s impetuous benevolence, saying she would house and puppy sit for extended family while they are away in Hawaii. All well and good until funerals happen which Alana was involved in planning, friends arrive from all over, it snows a foot and a half and the usual bedlam ensues, making it almost impossible for Alana to get to and fro for her house sitting duties.

Maggie, of course, is delighted with her new toy and can’t begin to understand why Oakley will have no part of her???!!! Every movement that Oakley makes, usually away from Maggie constitutes the game to begin with Maggie bounding (perhaps even bouncing) after, over, around, on top of, from the left, from the right accompanied by yearning vocalizations that clearly are imploring Oakley to join in the chase game. Oakley’s response is to stand his ground and stare fixedly at Maggie while wondering what he has done wrong to deserve this--- first his family disappears, then he’s left for hours on end and a stranger comes and stays with him, then the stranger comes and takes him away from his house, drives through the snow at night and there he is landing at a house he’s never been to with all sorts of people who he has never met but seem to like him and a total wranger of a dog that clearly has no concept of his place in society!!!! This dog’s intrusiveness knows no bounds :) and goes further to full on barking that sends shivers through Oakley!!! And of course there’s the issue of Maggie eating anything in the house that resembles food. So as the bowl of food is placed in front of Oakley, her nibs is coming on like a freight train attempting to aspirate bowl and all on her way to her dish to see what treats have been used to distract her from our visitor!!!

Peace on earth and good will to all; now Maggie show some respect would you???

Monday, December 8, 2008

So this is Christmas!!!

One of Maggie's interesting albeit demanding traits is her vocalizing, "I want out; I want in; You're not paying attention to me; Let's play; I think that's you coming up the driveway but I'll assume you're a stranger and play the guard dog; Something is totally out of order here and needs attention immediately!!!" Now this last item is ongoing and rears itself whenever there is something new in or around the house. You have to appreciate she's now eight months old and has assimilated the day to day routine of this Pace family in good stride. And yet she feels somehow compelled to alert all within a three square block radius the impending doom that is about to befall us!!! This of course can vary as the perceived threat comes in many disguises!!!

This past weekend had such a happening, it being our replacing a washer and dryer after seventeen years of extensive abuse which included baby blankets and soiled clothing on through to muddied running shoes and paint ball smeared camouflage and everything else a family can produce over the years as fads and seasons pass and today's "gotta haves" become charitable "giveaways".

So, with Maggie securely in the backyard and the truck arriving in the front, the migration of old and new commenced!!! Ten minutes later, all was in order and with Sheila and I wishing each other, "Merry Christmas" and still shuddering at the cost, we had our new appliances!!!

Shortly thereafter, her highness uttered her command to return to her domicile and with patio door opened and the affront of paws being wiped and mostly cleaned, she proceeded to check out the remnants of scent that were not of our own making. As she rounded the hall corner to the laundry room, all hell broke loose as the latest attack on the Paces was being dutifully attended by our laughably vicious guard dog!!! Hackles at the ready, agitated movements to and fro, assessing the invaders intent, barking to the peak of her abilities complete with cracking pitch, a tentative lunge or two for good measure (would they chase her or would they stand their ground, protecting their acquired space???), fertive looks at us to see whether we would join the battle or at least defend her should the going get tough and only after repeated "Oh Maggie's" combined with the stillness of the washer and dryer, her nibs declared the house safe once more but was determined to keep a close eye on them should they get out of hand!!!!

Without delay, the washer was put to the test as Maggie's blankets and toys became the test subjects of the "sanitize" cycle and came through "dazzling"!!!!! :)